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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
08 October 2013

No business is the result of the efforts of a single person. The bigger the business is the more people are involved in its ongoing development and structure.

This points to the importance of being able to pull together a strong group of people for every task. If you can do this successfully on every occasion, your business will become much stronger and you will find it easier to solve problems and complete tasks as a result.

The key is to choose the right people for each occasion. Some people make the mistake of selecting the people they need for a particular purpose, and when that combination proves successful they automatically resort to the same people on future occasions.

This might sound like a good idea but in reality every situation and task is different and the right people for one situation may be the wrong ones for something else. That’s why you need to use your leadership skills to evaluate every person for every individual situation, to try and match up their skills and abilities with the tasks that need doing.

A strong group will always contain a good mix of people. If you select a number of people who are too similar then you could end up having a task that isn’t covered adequately. Alternatively you might find you have several people with similar skills in the same area that disagree on how best to get that specific job done.

Most importantly, and perhaps most difficult, for a leader is to be conscious of their own skill gap as far as the project is concerned. By being aware of the skills you can contribute to the successful completion of the project, and those that you lack, will make it easier to identify the right skills you need to recruit.

Before you take steps to put a group of people together, look at the project in hand and identify the different steps that will need completing in order for it to be successful. You can then view the people you have to choose from and pick those who will contribute in a strong way towards your end goal. By breaking down the project in this way you will be able to ensure that every area is covered and you have the right people in the right place, who will each get their particular part of the task done to the best of their ability, and right on time.

It goes without saying that the better you know the people in your workforce, the easier you will find it to select the people you need. Consider organising team building exercises to help strengthen the bond between everyone involved. Creating a strong group to complete a project is a good way of getting to know people more closely so make the most of the opportunity and note down any traits or skills that were not previously apparent in certain people, so that you can bear them in mind for different positions in the future.

Knowledge is the best asset you can have in this situation, as it enables you to choose a strong team. But you should also evaluate what happened after the project is complete, as this will contain valuable lessons for the future. Were there people who didn’t perform as well as you thought they would? Are there others who have demonstrated skills you didn’t know they had?

All of this knowledge will help you put together stronger teams in the future.

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