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Tips On Becoming A Better Sales Department Leader

Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
08 October 2013

Successful sales department leaders understand the products they are selling and recruit only those who are able to sell benefits and features of the goods and services offered by a company. Sales is a competitive field that requires the ability to understand customer need quickly and be able to fill that need with the right products.

In order to become a better sales department leader, you should consider the following:

• Creating goals for the department
• Training others
• Measuring success
• Developing customer loyalty

By focusing on these areas, you will be able to create an environment where employees are productive and have a full understanding of goods and services offered so more sales can be made.


Creating realistic goals that everyone in the department is aware of is one way to help employees understand their role within a company. Departments that have goals are more productive because they need to meet these goals each quarter.

While goals can be adjusted, you should not make too many changes, or employees will lose faith in leadership decisions.


The training that your company provides to customer service representatives and sales staff may need to be updated to include new technology, sales techniques, and quality of customer service. Offering additional training will also make employees feel more secure about their jobs and increase their productivity.


There are many items you should be measuring when trying to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your department. Common measurements include:

• Time it takes to make a sale
• The number of customers who ask for repeat business
• Number of customers who left
• Employee turnover
• Amount of sales

These measurements will allow you to make changes, implement additional training, and help you see how successful your department really is.


When customers are loyal, they are more apt to pay for additional goods and services, recommend products to others, and pay their bill on time. When leading a sales department, you have to stress the importance of customer relations and how this can affect your business. Developing customer service training courses or sending employees to one will provide them with the skills needed to improve customer service and earn customer loyalty.

While these changes cannot be implemented overnight, your department will benefit from them in many ways.

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