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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
09 October 2013

Some people are born leaders, while others become leaders by acquiring and cultivating certain traits and skills. If you’re in the second camp and looking to grow into a successful leader, here are some tips that can transform your career.

Being approachable can go a long way to winning the trust and support of team members. A successful leader shouldn’t inspire fear in those that work underneath him or her. With that in mind, make sure you also exude humility and develop a reputation for honesty. Both are admirable traits on their own, but on a leader they really stand out.

Don’t forget to communicate effectively with your team members and to take and give constructive criticism. Receiving feedback in a fair and open minded way not only fosters respect but it can help fine tune any aspects of your work that needs improvement.

Finally, don’t forget that everything comes as a result of teamwork. Leaders should develop the talents of team members and to promote the success of each and every deserving individual.


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