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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
09 October 2013

Suzi Dafnis, leadership expert and chief executive of the Australian Businesswomen’s Network, recently had some advice for small business owners.

“You are under the watchful eye of staff so you must lead by example, set a vision, manage people to be their best and to produce results,” she said.

An advocate of leadership training, Dafnis went on to list several key features of effective leaders that those aspiring to greatness should develop.

For example, she stressed that receiving feedback is an essential part on the path to becoming a good leader. Leaders must always be open to constructive criticism from both superiors and those working under them.

Leaders striving for better results must also devote time to studying the art of leadership. Watching how other leaders operate can be the key to unlock your hidden potential.

Finally, the way you carry yourself, having a positive attitude, being open, approachable and exuding confidence are all integral elements of being a good leader.


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