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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
09 October 2013

‘Spin’ or ‘persuasive communication’ is a normal part of the business process for some organisations, but when it is used irresponsibly, immorally or with no truthful basis, it can be perilous for individuals and organisations.

Spin is destructive and dangerous when it involves serious intent to be misleading on matters that really matter. Transparent communication is far more preferable, and is definitely the best policy for leadership.

There are many good reasons for transparency. Firstly, many people are very smart and should not be underestimated, and in business credibility matters. Trust is important, and no one really wants to do business with a person or company they do not trust.

It’s also worth remembering that people follow those that they believe, so in order to have the most committed and engaged employees, respect for senior leadership is crucial.

Put very simply, transparent communication is good business practice and good for the reputation of the organisation. There are few things more invariably good for a business than a good reputation.


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