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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
09 October 2013

Recently, the third annual ‘gapCon’ was held. gapCon is a conference in which the gap intelligence organisation is celebrated, together with its people, work and culture.

gapCon can be described as a science fair, a pep rally and a lecture series all in one. In fact, the conference is fully intended to make the organisation’s people feel like celebrities.

gapCon is attended by gap intelligence employees, their family and friends and those who may be considered ‘friends of gap’ – vendors such as bankers, lawyers and accountants.

Local politicians and those who lead in business are invited to deliver keynote addresses, and ‘homegrown’ companies that are admired by gap intelligence are usually invited to contribute to panel discussions on topics such as management, hiring and culture.

Originally, the purpose of gapCon was to create a friendly environment free from pressure for analysts to grow in confidence when delivering presentations in public forums. Now, gapCon has evolved to have a significantly greater impact for the organisation, as the event provides an opportunity for teammates to learn much more about what is happening in the rest of the company.

The advantages and benefits of holding a conference solely focused on the organisation include:
enhanced cross-team communication, the creation of a new context on work, re-focusing the organisation’s vision, encouraging fun and making teams feel valued, important and recognised.


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