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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
09 October 2013

Innovation must be reimagined, and this is something that an increasing number of businesses are realising.

There are many ways for a business to reinvent itself – from the use of design to reinvent the brand to the acquisition of younger brands to foster a fresh image and perspective.

The Wimbledon Tennis Championship serves as a great example of teamwork, training and a ‘moonshot approach’ – three qualities that are fundamental for innovation.

Essentially, innovation is a team pursuit. A range of skill sets are combined and when coupled with oversight and passion, significant success is possible.

The athletes most successful at Wimbledon train hard. Similarly, teams that have innovation at their core need to train extremely hard and develop projects that showcase innovative approaches and creative solutions.

Risks must be taken if success is to be realised. As tennis star James Blake said, “I’m never going to win a match playing conservative.”

Risks are taken and autonomy is assumed by the most effective and innovative teams. By asking ‘what if’ questions, breakthroughs and creative solutions can more readily be discovered.


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