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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
09 October 2013

If it is done well, team-building exercises can bring a workplace together. However, great annoyance and frustration can result if a workplace team-building exercise is ineffective, inappropriate or poorly planned.

When planning or participating in team-building events, it is vital to know what you want to achieve. Enhanced communication, creating opportunities for staff to get to know each other and making it possible for conflicts or issues to be addressed may be some of the reasons for organising a team building event.

The office budget should be used to finance a team-building event. If an organisation has limited funds available, ideas may have to be scaled back a little.

Care should be taken to make the events and activities appeal to as many demographics as possible. Equally, care should be taken to avoid targeting activities to just one age group or demographic.

Events in which competition is involved should be approached carefully. While good-natured competition can be positive and beneficial, more heated competition may result in problems that can destroy rather than unite teams.

Finally, people should not be injured or hurt in the name of team bonding.


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