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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
09 October 2013

Robb Webb, Chief HR Officer of Hyatt Hotels, recently claimed that within the hospitality industry a more ‘empathetic’ approach to leadership is needed.

Webb referred to a ‘sea of sameness’ that he believes has recently had an impact on the sector. The result of this sea of sameness is that some hotel groups are offering services that are uniform and of the same standard. He also believes that the frameworks which determine staff duties and expectations are limiting.

“Empathetic leadership boils down to a desire to understand more than what your own experience tells you … If you don’t listen to your workforce, you’ll never win with your guests,” said Webb.

Webb explained that at Hyatt Hotels, a system for engaging with and listening to all of its 95,000 associates has been introduced. This system has been created to improve leadership and develop a workforce that is stronger and performs better.

Trust is fundamental to this type of leadership. This approach will foster innovation in their employees from the ground up, and will help the hotel group to achieve its goal of being the best, rather than as opposed to the largest, hotel chain.


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