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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
09 October 2013

It’s all very well having a great concept, but in order to turn that concept into a successful business you need to have a strong level of determination. How you execute an idea will determine whether or not your goal is reached, and that starts by becoming a powerful leader and building the right team.

According to Forbes, there are five key qualities that every entrepreneur should possess.

1. Honesty – How you behave will reflect your leadership and the way your team works. Holding high standards of etiquette starts with yourself – if you are honest and ethical, your team will follow suit.

2. Ability to Delegate – You need to learn to trust your team, and know that the more work you pile on yourself the less time you have to produce quality work.In order to see business growth, you need to learn to delegate tasks to the right department.

3. Communication – Being able to clearly talk your team through tasks is crucial in establishing you are working for the same goal. Make time to regularly speak with staff to address any concerns is essential.

4. Sense of Humour – Switch your anger at mistakes to laughter and accept that mistakes are inevitable. Flying off the handle when something goes wrong will sacrifice the happiness of your work environment.

5. Confidence – Showing your fears in front of staff is hardly a way to motivate staff into believing in the product. When suffering setbacks, ensure you exude calm, control and confidence.


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