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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
09 October 2013

There may be a little more light shining on the employment industry these days, but many job seekers are still finding it tough to break back into the workforce.

According to Forbes, one of the issues is the modern world’s constant desire for learning new things. As the economy evolves at rapid speed, so does the need for learning new skills. When you fall behind, you run the risk of being thrown out of the race.

Josh Bersin, of Bersin by Deloitte, believes that in today’s economy there is no such thing as an expert in an overall field. In order to stay ahead, everyone needs to keep learning. He suggested that what makes these ‘experts’ so highly regarded is their ability to understand the need to further their knowledge.

The latest Learning and Development (L&D) spending reflects this new imperative, showing that spending was up by 12% in 2013, the largest increase in nearly a decade.

Companies that establish continuous learning processes set themselves up for a positive future, and those wishing to rise in the workforce should take note.


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