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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
08 October 2013

When you think of the world’s most influential leaders, you’d be excused if your mind wandered to the likes of Steve Jobs and Mahatma Ghandi. Surprisingly, a recent survey by PricewaterhouseCooper revealed that the list of world’s most admired CEOs was topped by British wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Startup Smart reported that the survey was the 16th of its kind, and saw 1,400 CEOs from 60 countries questioned over which leaders they most admired. More than half chose a politician or military leader over a CEO. A strong percentage chose Churchill as their most-admired leader.

A likely reason for him topping the poll is the strong level of determination he showed when trying to get his nation to take heed of his warning of a rearmed Germany. Despite the ensuing ostracisation by his peers and colleagues, Churchill continually fought to make Parliament and his countrymen believe his fear.

He was ultimately proven as being correct with Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939.


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