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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
08 October 2013

In order to successfully deploy a strategic weapon, it’s vital that a superior level of discipline is applied. If it’s a service advantage you are after, then a “service first” mentality is a must.

However, this alone is not always enough. In addition to discipline, you must also answer questions such as those Clicksoftware CEO Moshe BenBassat asked in his W6 concept: Who does what for whom with what where and when?

Forbes provided some examples of how you could best approach finding the answers to this question:

For Whom?

Start with the client, and note that the fussiest customer is not always where your priority lies.


Be very clear on the services you are willing to provide, and determine your service limits.


It’s important you match the service to the person with the appropriate skills. For example, it’s no good sending a repairman to work on the installation.

With what?

To successfully service your customers, you need to have resources at hand.


Determine whether or not the service needs to go to the customer or the customer needs to come to the service.


Establish a way to keep delivery costs low, but ensure it doesn’t reflect your level of service. Long delays can harm your customer satisfaction.


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