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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
08 October 2013

A new study has revealed that an inspirational leadership style can help to stimulate innovation, worker performance and well-being between employees.

Christine Jacobs is one of the researchers that worked on the new study at the University of Cologne in Germany. As part of the study, the employees at six different information and communication technology companies were surveyed and asked questions about their employer’s leadership style.

The score for transformational leadership was based on factors such as positive feedback received by employees, intellectual stimulation and whether or not employees were made to feel like they were contributing to a common goal. On top of this, there was a standard test of psychological well-being which each participant completed.

The research found that workers who said they felt there was a higher degree of inspirational leadership were much more inclined to rank higher in the well-being stakes.

This is not the first study that has proven the positive benefits of inspirational leadership.

What business managers and leaders need to be aware of is that learning more effective communication skills can assist with the development of effective leadership skills. Things like having the ability to resolve conflicts and acknowledging the needs of others are a vital part of this effective management style.


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