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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
08 October 2013

If you want a career in project management you’ll first need to complete a training program. A good training program will provide you with a solid theoretical foundation before giving you the opportunity to complete practical, hands-on project management work.

In terms of the theory side of things, you should enrol in a course that will cover things such as management, technology, and the different kinds of projects that you may face.

You should also have modules on how to manage and supervise a team of people, learning the necessary skills to lead and motivate them. Having strong management skills is vital to your success as a project manager.

Another important element of your training should be focused on technology. You will need to be proficient with a range of different applications and software and how to use it to a companies advantage.

Lastly you will learn about the different types of projects you might be managing, so that you know the specific tasks you’ll be required to do on the job. This will most likely include things like policy and system implementation, administration and training employees.


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