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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
08 October 2013

In the simplest sense, training refers to a learning activity that can change the behaviour and knowledge of people. When it comes to your business, it is the behaviour and knowledge of your staff members that can really affect your bottom line. Unfortunately, without the right training your staff members could become your biggest liabilities; with the right training, however, they have the potential to become one of your biggest assets. The following are a few of the dangers of not taking the time and resources to ensure your employees have been properly trained.

Lack of unity

Employees must be trained so that they are able to do their jobs the right way and with a clear understanding of how their work contributes to the overall success of the business. When people understand the importance of their position and have the tools necessary to do their best work, they feel more respected, have more job satisfaction and respect each other more, which leads to higher overall morale. When you have unity among your staff, you also get higher productivity from individuals, better team performance, and far better returns for your business.

Lack of ingenuity

Truly dynamic and successful companies have staff members that are more innovative, flexible and dedicated because they are well trained and supported by their managers. One of the best ways to enhance the support and dedication you show your staff is to give them opportunities for professional development and learning. As employees develop new skills and increase their networking capabilities, they will have more energy and creativity to contribute to your business.

Lack of growth potential

Lack of proper training stagnates employees, as people begin to feel like they come to work only to do the same job they normally do, or worse: they quit to move on to a new company that can teach them and help them improve their own capabilities. In this scenario there is no personal growth, and there is certainly no growth for your business. Not only does training your staff improve their ingenuity and keep them dedicated, but it also increases their capacity to adapt to new technologies and methods, as well as take on new and bigger projects.

Lack of safety

Especially if your business requires employees to use heavy machinery, chemicals or any other dangerous goods, you would be risking their personal safety by not training them properly. Not only should you train your staff in order to keep them safe for their own good, but also because it will end up saving you money later on insurance, worker’s compensation, hiring new staff and having to buy new equipment.

Lack of good customer service

For most businesses, good customer service is essential for higher profits and growth. To ensure your customers are getting the best service possible, you need to empower your customer service agents to provide it. There is a lot to learn when it comes to dealing with customers effectively, and having your employees trained will greatly improve their ability to communicate with the customers and keep your brand’s good name intact.

These are just a few of the dangers you face if you don’t train your employees properly. By training your staff, you could not only improve the level of safety and customer service your company provides, but you can also improve your business by having more productive, skilled and loyal staff members.

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