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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
08 October 2013

Employees that are on the front-line of customer service have one of the most important jobs in business: interacting with customers in a positive and meaningful way to keep them coming back. If one of the primary goals of your business is to make money, then the main function of your business (and every person in the business) is to acquire and maintain loyal customers through outstanding customer service.

This level of service doesn’t just happen all on its own, however, and in the end your success relies on the abilities of your employees to provide outstanding services. For that to happen, your employees need to feel empowered, so the following are just some of the ways you can help your staff members provide the best customer service possible.


Provide customer service training

Often, empowering your employees means giving them the authority to do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer, and trusting them to make the right decisions. This level of empowerment requires that employees are trained to be able to handle a variety of customer service circumstances that are unique to your business. Providing training not only removes constraints that keep employees from making decisions on their own, but it also gives them the confidence to interact with customers in a positive and meaningful way.

Develop service principles your staff can follow

Principles that are straightforward and memorable can provide a strong base for the types of conversations you want your staff to have with customers. These principles help to guide your employees through customer interactions in a way that suits your company’s strategy, vision, purpose and ideals, and should be unique to your particular brand. Not only does having specific principles help to deliver consistent customer outcomes, but it also gives your staff strong legs on which to stand, making them feel more empowered to provide quality service.

Happy staff make for happy customers

Many companies have found there is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. This idea basically works in a positive linear fashion: employees that are treated well and feel happy at work take better care of customers, which in turn encourages customers to return again and again, even becoming lifelong customers. It’s not just “being nice” to employees that leads them to provide more quality customer service; continuous improvements in the workplace and positive reinforcement will keep them happy in their jobs as well.

Decide on your corporate language

Similar to your core principles acting as useful tools for your employees, developing a corporate language will also give your staff members a framework within which to work. The language your staff members use is important for the customer’s experience as well as how your brand is perceived.

For example, whether your staff members use a formal or relaxed form of communication will depend on what type of business you have, and will help your employees remain consistent while communicating with customers. This empowers employees by giving them the confidence they need for interacting with customers in a meaningful way.

With employee empowerment, it is entirely possible to have staff members who can provide genuine and professional customer service, which will in turn bring more happy and loyal customers to your business.

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