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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
08 October 2013

Have you considered sending some of your team members to sales training courses? If you are involved in sales in any way, you need effective training for your staff. Like all forms of communication, the sales dialogue has a unique purpose and therefore has different rules from some other forms of communication. An outgoing and friendly person may not actually be an effective salesperson especially if the person is consistently unable to close the deal. Here are five reasons you should send your sales team to sales training courses:

  • Increased Sales
    Obviously, the first reason your business will benefit from implementing ongoing sales training courses for your sales team is that sales will naturally increase, leading to greater profits. The more understanding your staff members have of the sales process, the easier it is to convert customer enquiries into sales. As your staff learn sales skills, like starting the sales dialogue, discovering the reason for the purchase, and closing the deal, you will definitely increase your sales.
  • Better Customer Service
    Increased customer service can be a surprising by-product of teaching your staff better sales skills. Many managers are surprised at the way customers respond to the increased interpersonal communication skills staff have when they learn better sales skills. When staff learn to pay more attention to the signals the customers send out, the customers receive better customer service and are happier. Happy customers are the best marketers for the business.
  • Greater Understanding of the Links between Customer Service and Sales
    Many business leaders think that customer service and sales are actually different departments and have no relationship – in reality the sales and service should never be seen as separate issues – customer service is about understanding the customer’s needs, and sales is about selling products that meet those needs. When you link the two processes in a closer way, you will find the business benefits from happier customers and increased sales as the sales team can be selling products to suit the customers..
  • Greater Understanding of What Makes a Customer Buy
    Without understanding why people buy the product, it is almost impossible for the salesperson to close the deal. A good sales training course which is clearly linked to customer service will encourage your staff to consider the underlying and psychological reasons people will make a purchase. This increased understanding of customer behaviour can help create an environment where your customers feel comfortable and confident buying from you.
  • Up-Selling, Cross-Selling and On-Selling to Other Products
    Another benefit of increasing the sales skills of your staff by attending sales training courses is that the staff are far more likely to introduce the customer to other products in your portfolio. For example we think of up-selling as the typical “Do you want fries with that?”, but it can be much more complex than that. Great sales people will focus on all products and opportunities that benefit the customers and give better customer service.

What are you waiting for? Start sending your sales team to training courses to reap the benefits for the business.

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