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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
08 October 2013

It may seem odd at first to consider the power of visualising success along with creative tension, but they go hand-in-hand in an effective organisation. Creative tension is inspired thinking that goes beyond the current comfort level and often leads to new ideas, goals, and expectations. Success is the actual achievement of those goals.

When you combine the creative tension with the visualisation of success what is created is an environment which is exceptionally motivating and energizing. It is out of these kinds of environments you see leaders emerge. The location is not important. The environment is the most important. If location alone was all that determined success, Apple computers would not exist because the garage location where the idea was born would have limited the vision of success.

Seeing Clearly

When you hand a new employee a policy and procedures manual, it is a roadmap for succeeding in the organization. It defines the mission and conveys a sense of culture. But these types of documents are not visionary. They are documentary and only serve to inform about rules and processes. You can use a policy and procedures manual to establish the rules of play, but they are not effective at creating a vision of the future.

So what is vision? Vision refers to seeing something other than with ordinary sight. Reading a policy and procedures manual does not require vision…only intelligence. A vision is something a person sees in their mind’s eye and embraces on a very personal level. There is the noun “vision” which is the mental image of an outcome. There is also the verb “visualising” which refers to the act of having vision.

It is not difficult to understand how the focus of visionary thinking can be extremely motivating. When you visualise anything, it can often become true because of its motivating power which drives you to seek success. Whole books have been written on the power of visualising including the well known book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. In this book the theory of autosuggestion is discussed. The premise is that if you think about something long enough and hard enough, it becomes a part of your subconscious and drives your actions to make the vision become a reality. This book was devoted to developing personal wealth, but the power of visualisation is made clear for all situations. You can think it and make it come true.

Envision and Succeed

In an organisation, the power of visualising success is the source of leadership on a management and personal level. Organisational members who can “see” success as a specific outcome have more direction and more motivation to pursue creative solutions and new concepts. When someone understands what their actions are intended to accomplish, a goal exists. When someone can visualise success, they incorporate much more than just meeting a specific goal. Instead, the organisational member has a more expansive view that includes how their personal contributions and abilities can contribute to the success of the organisation.

It is easy to see the power of visualising success when you understand the many benefits that ensue.

• Personal nature of visionary thinking promotes individual development to the good of the company

• Visionary thinking increases creative thinking and problem solving

• Visionary thinking removes common barriers which impede organisational progress because success becomes “hard-wired” into the subconscious

• Visualising success is motivating

• Visualising success promotes organisational unity when allowed to become a shared vision

It is easy to be esoteric and assume the power of visualising success is only available to the chosen few within an organisation. But success within a business begins with its staff and employees who incorporate company goals and the company mission into their lives. When people are able to visualise success, they allow creative tension to inspire and challenge in a way that can lead to innovation or new ways of doing things.

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